Insane Shafts 4x100 36mm Wheel Hubs - B/K-swap - 92-00 Civic / 94-01 Integra

Insane Shafts 4x100 36mm Wheel Hubs - B/K-swap - 92-00 Civic / 94-01 Integra

Insane Shafts 4x100 36mm wheel hubs answers the call for upgrading to OEM Honda/Acura "36mm” axles in B/F/H/J/K-swapped 92-00 Civic and 94-01 Integra vehicles!

These hubs are perfect for B, F, H, J, and K-swapped vehicles that call for "36mm axles" whether it be axles from a 36mm 5-lug conversion or an engine swap that originally uses 36mm axles (ie. K-series Type-S, Type-R, J-swap). 

These "36mm axles" (technically axle nut size) are found by default in vehicles such as the Acura RSX Type-S, 06-15 Civic Si, 92-01 Prelude, JDM 98-01 Integra Type-R, and many J-series vehicles. This larger splined axle is incompatible with 4x100 92-00 Civics and 94-01 Integra vehicles because of their hub that only accepts "32mm axles". This is where the Insane Shafts hubs shine!

Insane Shaft hubs are a duplicate of the OEM Honda/Acura hubs they replace but with the perk of accepting a "36mm axle" while retaining a 4x100 PCD with extended wheel studs.

No need to fuss around with custom axle scenarios (ie. swapping around 32mm outer joints, etc). Simply plug-n-play "36mm axles" into your 92-00 Civic or 94-01 Integra with these Insane Shafts 36mm wheel hubs and be on your way!


  • Made from high strength chromoly steel
  • OEM hubcentric
  • ARP 2.50" extended studs
  • Designed for the larger "36mm axles"
  • 36mm axles have proven to easily sustain 300+ WHP
  • Optional hub sizes for civic, civic w/abs, and integra vehicles
Sold as a pair.

    Vehicle Applications: 92-00 Civic (non-ABS), 92-00 Civic (ABS), 92-97 Delsol (non-ABS), 92-97 Delsol (ABS), 94-01 Integra (all, excl. Type-R)

    Important Tech Notes

    • The 92-00 Civic 'small hub' with a 38mm OD hub shaft, is a smaller diameter and are specifically designed to fit Non-ABS Civic spindles normally equipped on Civic/Delsol vehicles (CX/DX/LX/VX/HX/some Si). If your Civic is equipped with the 9.2" sized brake rotors - this is the hub for you. 
    • The 94-01 Integra (excl. Type-R) 'big hub' with 43mm OD hub shaft, is a larger diameter than the non-abs civic hubs and are specifically designed to fit ABS Integra and ABS Civic/Delsol spindles. If your Integra/Civic/or Delsol has a 10.2" sized brake rotors - this is the hub for you.
    • From our research, an easy indicator for which Insane Shaft hub size you should select for your 92-00 Civic/Integra/or Delsol is by measuring your brake rotor diameter. 9.2" brake rotor supported spindles use the 'small hub' -- 10.2" brake rotor supported spindles use the 'big hub'. You should then purchase the same OEM wheel bearings your spindles originally came with which will be compatible with these Insane Shaft hubs.

    Insane Shafts 4x100 36mm Wheel Hubs - B/K-swap - 92-00 Civic / 94-01 Integra

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