HPS 4-Ply Silicone Air Intake Hose - Honda / Acura

HPS 4-Ply Silicone Air Intake Hose - Honda / Acura

HPS silicone air intake hoses or turbo inlet hoses are innovative product for which these induction hoses are constructed of a highly durable silicone that is multi-layered to produce a thick insulated tube that has a number of favorable characteristics. The thickness of the tubing, which is much thicker than the OEM piece, allows for an insulating affect that prevents the intake charge from increasing in temperature before it is introduced into the turbocharger. During competition the engine bay has a number of heat sources such as the radiator, exhaust manifold and turbocharger itself that can drastically effect the temperature of the intake charge.

In having a cooler initial intake charge before entering the turbocharger, the overall temperature of the intake system will be cooler and therefore prevent against such effects as pre-ignition and the engine management from retarding the ignition timing to prevent the detonation as well. The smooth construction of the inner-wall is a drastic improvement over the OEM piece which is often constructed in an "Accordianed" manner to allow for power plant movement. The smooth inner wall reduces any turbulence and restriction before the turbocharger and will often have a noticeable effect on the vehicle's performance with a lower spool-time, faster throttle response and a slightly louder intake note.

The overall construction of the tube allows for much greater strength and durability, as well as adding a much cleaner aesthetic look to your engine bay. The outer most layer of the tube has been tested against most chemicals found in automotive applications and has a glossy-black outward appearance to remain subtle and yet appealing to the eye.


  • Dyno Proven Performance Gains: +4.9 Whp, +2.5 Ft/lbs (On 06-11 Civic Si)
  • Color options: Black, Blue, Red
  • CARB Exempt: No
  • System Type: Silicone Air Intake Tube (Stage 1)

Available vehicle applictions:  06-11 Civic Si, 12-14 Civic Si /13-14 Acura ILX, 00-03 S2000

HPS 4-Ply Silicone Air Intake Hose - Honda / Acura

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