K-tuned B-series Timing Belt Tensioner

K-tuned B-series Timing Belt Tensioner

The K-Tuned B-series Timing Belt Tensioner was the very first part that ETD Racing (now K-Tuned) developed 10 years ago. The product was designed specifically for the Vibrant CRX which ran a successful B-series engine program. Back then, ETD was a small race shop and they simply did not have the ability to bring the product to the performance aftermarket. Vibrant saw the design, and soon after a deal was made for them to sell the product under the Vibrant name. Very recently, Vibrant made the decision to discontinue this part and keep their focus on designing more turbo and fabrication related components. This opened up the door for us to reclaim the product and continue to offer it under the K-Tuned brand.

At high RPM, the B-series timing belt is known to flap excessively along the long front side. This unwanted excess slack in the belt makes skipping one or more teeth on the cam gears a definite possibility. A skipped tooth throws off the engine timing and the result is usually a simple loss in horsepower. However, in some cases, skipped timing can result in piston to valve contact equating to a disastrous end engine life. This can all be prevented by installing the K-Tuned b-series tensioner to properly support the front side of the timing belt. The unit bolts up directly to the stock Honda block and replaces the lower power steering bracket.

The K-Tuned timing belt tensioner was given some minor cosmetic changes and revisions to bring them up to date and make them a little stronger than the original design. Back then, the top turbo cars were only making around 800whp. Fast forward 10 years, to 2015 and we are now seeing B-Series builds making close to double that power. All parts are CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum, making them lightweight and very strong. The pulleys feature a special coating to reduce friction and prevent belt wear. The tensioner is fully adjustable (both vertically and horizontally).

Engine applications: All B-series engines

Note: Complete power steering pump & bracket must be removed in order use this tensioner.

Trimming/notching of the engine block may be required to clear proper tensioner fitment. 

K-tuned B-series Timing Belt Tensioner

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