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Password:JDM Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Set - Honda / Acura

These magnetic drain plugs will extend the life of your engine and tranny. It helps to keep the excess metal particles that are created from normal engine and transmission wear from floating freely in your fluids. It is designed to attract and hold metal particles to help prevent them from causing excess wear that reduces engine and tranny life. It's easy to install. Simply remove your stock drain plug and install the Password:JDM magnetic drain plugs. At your next oil change and tranny fluid change simply wipe the metal particles off of the magnetic plugs and reinstall them in your engine. Works every time! 

For your viewing pleasure, we have laser etched a Password:JDM logo on the head of all of our magnetic drain plugs! Will fit all Honda, Acura, Mitsubishi, Ford, and GM vehicles with MANUAL transmission.

Color options: Black, Silver, and Red

NOTE: Longer magnetic drain plug is for oil pan, shorter is for transmission.

Password:JDM Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Set - Honda / Acura

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