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Acuity Shifter Cable Adapter Bracket - K24Z2/Z3/Z7

Acuity Shifter Cable Adapter Bracket - K24Z2/Z3/Z7

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This product is intended for front-wheel-drive K-swaps using K24Z2, K24Z3, or K24Z7 transmissions ONLY. It is NOT compatible with a stock-drivetrain 10th Gen Civic, 9th Gen Civic or any other vehicle that is factory-equipped with the K24Z2/Z3/Z7 drivetrain.

Now you can shift K24Z2, K24Z3, and K24Z7 transmissions using shifter cables from a 10th Gen Civic Type R or 10th Gen Accord 20SPT and using a shifter for any 10th Gen Civic, including the SPORT, Si, and Type R. Both brackets feature full 300 series stainless steel construction for strength and weather resistance with a brushed finish and laser-marked torque specs. All hardware is zinc-plated Class 10.9+ steel. The kit includes (2) cable mounting brackets and (3) bracket mounting screws. You will need to supply your own shifter cables, shifter, and shifter mounting solution. 


  • A crucial part in achieving the crisp-shifting of an FK8 in your K24Z2/Z3/Z7 k-swap
  • Permits use of FK8 or 20SPT Accord shifter cables and 10th Gen Civic shifters with K24Z2, K24Z3, and K24Z7 manual transmissions.
  • Stainless steel bracket construction with laser marked torque specs
  • Class 10.9+ mounting hardware

Compatible with transmissions from these vehicles:

  • K24Z2 from the 2008-2012 8th Gen Honda Accord
  • K24Z3 from the 2008-2012 8th Gen Honda Accord
  • K24Z3 from the 2009-2014 2nd Gen Honda TSX
  • K24Z7 from the 2012-2015 9th Gen Honda Civic Si
  • K24Z7 from the 2013-2015 Acura ILX

Compatible with shifter cables for these applications:

  • 2017-2021 10th Gen Honda Civic Type R (Honda Part # 54310-TGH-A01)*
  • 2018+ 10th gen Honda Accord 20SPT (Honda Part # 54310-TVC-A02)*

*Other 10th Gen Civic and 10th Gen Accord shifter cables will attach to the bracket but are too short to reach the shifter in most common K-Swap chassis

Compatible with shifters for these applications:

  • 2016-2021 10th Gen Civic (all mt, including sport model)**
  • 2017-2021 10th Gen Civic Si**
  • 2017-2021 10th Gen Civic Type R**

**Use with ACUiTY SKU 1950 Shifter Adapter Plate to mount these shifters in the K-Swap Chassis.


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