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Ferrea Competition Plus B-Series Vtec Valves

Ferrea Competition Plus B-Series Vtec Valves

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This is Ferrea's top of the line valve for your Honda engine. This valve is suitable for all horsepower levels and especially engines that will experience extreme exhaust temperatures from forced induction.

Ferrea Competition Plus Valves have built a reputation as the industry's most reliable extreme duty valve. To manufacture the valves Ferrea uses special aerospace quality alloys, including the EV8-Z18, which provides high tensile strength. An exclusive two-step slow forging process ensures proper grain flow and virtually eliminates any damage to the material structure. The valves are then heat-treated and stress-relieved over a 48-hour period, which is the crucial base of Ferrea's molecular integrity. These valves feature avionics-quality hard chrome along with a specially applied hard tip.

1.8L - DOHC V-Tec 16 Valve (B18C1 - C3)
Head Diameter: 33 mm
Stem Diameter: 5.47 mm
Overall Length: 102.35 mm
Tip Length: 2.5 mm
Reference: 25 Degree Super Flo. Stock size

1.8L - DOHC V-Tec 16 Valve (B18C1 - C3)
Head Diameter: 28 mm
Stem Diameter: 5.45 mm
Overall Length: 102.5 mm
Tip Length: 2.5 mm
Reference: 25 Degree Flo Stock size. Super Alloy


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