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J's Racing Tsuchinoko Air Intake System Carbon Fiber

J's Racing Tsuchinoko Air Intake System Carbon Fiber


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The legendary J's Racing Tsuchinoko air intake kit powers many Honda race cars the world over. The intake offers many benefits over stock systems. Firstly it's light - the intake arm weighs around 350g (versus 2-3 kg for stock plastic systems) and the filter is as light as any on the market. Weight reduction is as important as an increase in power when it comes to N/A engines!

Secondly it offers power and torque benefits. The venturi shaped intake chamber allows to air expansion (and therefore air velocity increases) and it also helps to swirl air - important when it reaches the intake manifold for air/fuel atomozation. This venturi effect is used in Formula 1 intakes and throttle bodies to increase the performance of the engine! It works based on air pressure, as the air expands in the chamber it creates a natural vaccuum at the intake filter, increasing inhalation speeds. As the air compresses at the manifold end it speeds up, creating a denser source of oxygen. This helps to create more and more power!

The intake also provides throttle response benefits. Because of the shape of the intake and the subsequent availability of the air it inhales the on/off nature of the throttle peddle is much more pronounced. Now you can tune your accelerator pressure to match the power needed on each part of the track - rather than it being full on / full off!

Vehicle Application Options

  • 92-00 Honda Civic
  • 94-01 Acura Integra (Non-ABS)


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