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SP Performance Slotted Front Rotors - Honda

SP Performance Slotted Front Rotors - Honda

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SP Performance slotted brake rotors provide excellent stopping power while looking great. The slots on the brake rotor surface expel the brake dust away from your braking surface and wheels. This keeps the braking surface cooler. All SP Performance Brake rotors are machine balanced and disc ground and meet or exceed OEM specification. The slotted brake rotors are direct replacements to your existing brake rotors and require no brake system modifications. All slotted brake rotors come with your choice of coating for rust prevention. The anti-corrosion coating is available in three colors; Gray ZRC, Silver ZRC, and Black ZRC.

Slotted rotors are the preferred pattern for track cars as there is no risk of cracking due to heavy braking. The slots on the rotor is also one of the best ways to combat brake fade and maintain consistent stopping power.

Slotted brake rotors are used to move unwanted material and gasses away from the brake rotor and brake pad surfaces. Gasses are created by the repeated use of heavy braking, which causes a layer of brake dust and gasses to build up between the brake pad surface and the brake rotor surface. This will push the the brake pad away from the rotor surface. By adding slots to the surfaces of the brake rotor, those gasses are allowed to escape. This will creates a solid bite between the brake pad to brake rotor. As the gasses escape, the brake rotor and pad surface stay cooler, helping to eliminate brake fade.

Manufactured in the USA - All rotors are machined and plated to order by SP Performance employees.


  • Directional Angles Slots - The directional slots help increase pad bite, improve air circulation, and increase cooling. The slots also reduce fade and stop brake hydroplaning in bad weather. This greatly improving braking efficiency and reduces stopping distance.
  • Directional Mini Half Slot - Mini Slots help to balance and stabilize friction level as well as optimizing pad contact. They also give the rotor a unique look.
  • Corrosion Resistant Finish - Anti-Corrosion finishes give you a stunning clean look behind your wheels while preventing rust, corrosion, and oxidation. Available in Silver ZRC, Gray ZRC, or Black ZRC.
  • Quality - SP Performance slotted rotors are made using the finest quality castings that exceed OEM specifications. They are designed with the use of CAD software and machined with CNC equipment, ensuring the highest quality and consistent performance.
  • Sold as a pair

Available for various Honda vehicle models - see pull down menu for available vehicle applications.

Images used for illustration purposes. Product will vary depending on vehicle application.


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