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Spoon Sports Thermostat - 22+ Civic FL1

Spoon Sports Thermostat - 22+ Civic FL1

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Water temperature management is an integral part of a performance engine.

When the cooling water temperature is too low, clearance of various parts of the engine cannot be optimally maintained, causing increased friction which can cause the engine to underperform.

On the hand, when the water temperature gets too high, over heating may trigger the engine to run on fail-safe mode or in a worst-case scenario, it may cause distortion to the cylinders and cylinder heads and ultimately blow the engine.

The stock thermostat that keeps the cooling water temperature in check and has been set up for normal street use. This results in a relatively high temperature operating range. This can become a risk for sports driving as the cooling water temperature shoots up, causing the engine to power down from overheating.

The Spoon thermostat is preset to open up at 68℃ compared to 78℃ of stock, and fully open at 81℃ compared to the stock setting of 90℃. This means that cooled water from the radiator is supplied to the engine much earlier, keeping up with the quick temperature rise, allowing the driver to run the car at its full potential for a prolonged period.

Enjoy trouble-free sports driving with our new thermostat!


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