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Toda VTEC Killer Camshafts - B-series

Toda VTEC Killer Camshafts - B-series

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TODA Racing VTEC Killer Camshaft features hollow core design to reduce weight and greatly improved the valve timing accuracy through a reduction in flexing. VTEC rocker arm is removed and both pins replaced to reduce the valvetrain mass to increase response. Both VTEC solenoid and lost motion assembly are disabled to ensure reliable oil feeding to all moving components within the cylinder head.

- TODA highly recommends the use of a Sport Injection Kit (ITB's) in conjunction with VTEC Killer camshaft(s).
- Standard ECU is not compatible, stand-alone engine management is required.
- TODA racing valve springs required
- Lost Motion Assembly should be disabled.
- VTEC Killer hardware kit is required.
- Operating RPM is from 5000~up

VTEC Killer camshaft choices based on phase of valve opening and (valve lift)

  • Intake cam 285 (12.5)
  • Intake cam 295 (12.5)
  • Intake cam 305 (12.5)
  • Exhaust cam 285 (12.0)
  • Exhaust cam 295 (12.0)
  • Exhaust cam 305 (12.0)


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