Supertech Forged Piston Kit - B-series B20/VTEC

Supertech Forged Piston Kit - B-series B20/VTEC

Supertech pistons are manufactured from extruded high silicon, enhanced 4032 alloy that low thermal expansion, excellent wear resistance and higher thermal conductivity. A phosphate dry lubricant coating is applied to pistons to protect against ring micro welding and enhance skirt lubrication.


  • Forged from enhanced 4032 alloy and CNC machined
  • Contact reduction grooves are standard
  • Honed & reamed pin bores and precise fit
  • High tensile strength and evenly distributed hardness
  • Withstands up to 42psi of turbo boost, w/alcohol, w/out any problems
  • A 2 or 3 forging steps process yeilds a fine structural grain oriented in fibers in the same direction of the stresses.
  • Wrist pins are constructed or cold extruded chrome molly steel for high strength to be used with the wire clip locks.
  • Quality Control is performed after every step of the manufacturing process in climate controlled environments to ensure reliability of dimensions
  • Rings, wrist pins, and wire locks are included.

B20/VTEC w/B16A "PR3" Head Bore & Compression Ratio Options: 
(add +0.3cr w/GSR B18C1 "P72" head)

  • B20 - 84mm / 9.5cr
  • B20 - 84mm / 11.5cr
  • B20 - 84mm / 12.5cr
  • B20 - 84.5mm / 9.5cr
  • B20 - 84.5mm / 11.5cr
  • B20 - 85mm / 9.5cr
  • B20 - 85mm / 11.5cr
  • B20 - 85mm / 12.5cr
  • B20 - 85mm / 13.5cr
  • B20 - 86mm / 11.5cr
  • B20 - 86mm / 12.7cr
  • B20 - 86mm / 13.5cr
  • B20 - 86.5mm / 13.5cr
Images shown for illustration purposes. Piston style will vary depending on application.

    Supertech Forged Piston Kit - B-series B20/VTEC

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