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Action Clutch Stage 3 1MS Clutch Kit - B-Series

Action Clutch Stage 3 1MS Clutch Kit - B-Series

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Action Clutch "1MS" stage 3 clutch kits features a single diaphragm heavy duty pressure plate mated to a metallic sprung disc. This clutch kit is engineered for high horsepower vehicles that encounter heavy-duty street use and frequent drag/road/drifting racing. The sprung hub provides moderate dampening, rendering the clutch kit much more streetable than a solid disc design. The clutch features a slight increase in pedal pressure, aggressive engagement, rapid head dissipation, and outstanding hold capacity.

The sprung disc contained in this kit features new technology around the non-exposed encapsulated disc springs versus competitor sprung discs which expose their springs.

Optional disc: 4 or 6 puck (6-puck shown)


  • Street applications / medium track use
  • Single diaphragm ceramic clutch system
  • Single diaphragm heavy duty pressure plate with reinforced drive straps for durability
  • MIBA ceramic clutch disc engineered for low/mild horsepower vehicles 
  • Good for heavy duty street use and frequent drag/road/drift racing
  • 170% increase in holding capacity
  • Pedal feel: light / medium with aggressive engagement
    Note: clutch chatter is normal on this type of clutch / increased gear rattle
  • Kit Includes: pressure plate, clutch disc, release bearing, alignment tool, and pilot bearing (when applicable)

See pull down menu for available vehicle applications.

Note A: 02-05 Civic Si (K20A3), 12-15 Civic Si (K24Z7), 02-06 RSX Base (K20A3), 04-08 TSX (K24A2), 09-14 TSX (K24Z3), 03-07 Accord (K24Ax) vehicle clutch kits include a lightened flywheel.

Note B: 12-15 Civic Si (K24Z7) and 09-14 TSX (K24Z3) require Hondata FlashPro for this clutch kit (to alleviate misfire detection).

Note: Purchasing the wrong type of clutch kit for your specific engine horsepower output can result in catastrophic clutch failure, damage to the transmission, and void warranty eligibility. Please use the chart below to help narrow down your Action Clutch kit choice.

Example: using a clutch kit with an unsprung disc on a stock/lightly modified powered engine that is street/daily driven can destroy the rivets holding the unsprung disc together. Unsprung discs/clutch kits are not designed for street/daily use or a constant on/off engagement environment. Similar to running a marathon in sandles vs. running shoes.


We realize that returns and exchanges are a part of the purchasing process and we do our best to make it as easy as possible. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order to JHPUSA within 14 DAYS from the invoice date.

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