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Acuity ESCO Insulated Shift Knob

Acuity ESCO Insulated Shift Knob

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The ESCO-Insulated is the rebirth of ACUiTY's original ESCO shift knob design and lends its beauty to a careful combination of handcrafted lettering and finishing techniques and modern multi-axis CNC machining. The ESCO design is quickly becoming the preferred driver's knob due to its carefully-crafted profile. With a 40mm (1.57 in) diameter, barrel-shaped upper portion, gently domed top, tapered bottom, and 70mm (2.7 in) total height, the ESCO-Insulated fits beautifully in most drivers' hands. By forcing a more consistent hand position through its unique shape, the ESCO helps to train muscle memory, making shifts more consistent.

Because of its stainless steel core, the ESCO-Insulated is heavier than all-plastic insulated designs and has a finished weight of 185 grams (6.5 oz), perfect for a great shift feel without masking feedback from the gearbox. The stainless steel core also means this shift knob has very durable threads when compared to all-plastic shift knobs. As an added touch, the 6-Speed Honda/Acura gear pattern is engraved into the plastic shell and backfilled, making the lettering deep and durable. The finished appearance of the insulated shell and lettering is simple, classic, and breathtaking. For the best shifting experience, pair your ESCO-Insulated knob with ACUiTY's other shifting upgrades for your car.

Each knob also includes a custom-made stainless steel flange nut that can be used to retain the shift knob. If you are using the OEM shift boot collar or one of ACUiTY's 1924 shift boot collars, you will not need to use this flange nut during installation.  Also included is a suede storage bag to protect your shift knob when it's not installed.


  • Insulated design is gentle on the hand in harsh hot/cold climates
  • Stainless steel core for added weight and strong, durable threads
  • Durable, hand-filled 6-speed Honda gear pattern is 2+ millimeters deep and will not wear off like printed lettering
  • ESCO shape fits great in the hand with a 40mm diameter and 70mm height and is heavier than most insulated knobs at 185 grams


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