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Carmate CF-8 Rear View Mirror

Carmate CF-8 Rear View Mirror

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Introducing the Carmate CF-8 Rear View Mirror. A well-balanced mirror that provides a moderately wide field of view and does not change the sense of distance as much as a curved mirror. The mirror provides a wider field of vision, making it easier to drive and see blind spots.

The mirrors are cut from a uniform spherical surface of 3000 SR and project a clear, distortion-free image.

Only mirrors that have been cleared for flaws and distortion are used, based on a unique checklist by the manufacturing plant and our quality personnel to ensure that each mirror is free from flaws and distortion.

The mirror can be easily installed by simply inserting it between the top and bottom of the genuine rear-view mirror, as if covering the genuine rear-view mirror. 

These mirrors are manufactured using a chrome-plated process that cuts glare from the headlights of following vehicles by approximately 50% (reduces the mirror's reflectivity to approximately 50%, day or night).


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