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Drag Cartel Tensioner Cover Plate - K-series

Drag Cartel Tensioner Cover Plate - K-series


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The Drag Cartel Timing Tensioner Cover Plate is designed with a simple rubber o-ring seal that is set into a machined groove on the back of the billet cover. This o-ring seal design makes timing chain tensioner checks and changes much faster and easier because it completely eliminates the need for messy sealer which we all know is a pain to clean off and prep for reinstallation. Worse yet, the OEM stamped steel cover plate often needs to be replaced because it usually bends when it is pried off the chain case during removal.

So why is checking the K-series chain tensioner so important? It is a very good idea to inspect your tensioner occasionally for wear or damage because a tensioner failure can completely ruin a good K-series engine. Simply put, the timing chain tensioner holds the timing chain in place and the chain in turn keeps the engine at proper cam and crank timing.

The Drag Cartel Tensioner Cover Plate is machined from raw 6061 billet aluminum, includes new hardware, is anodized black with engraved Drag Cartel logo.

To install it, remove the oem black cover and clean off all the sealer from the mounting surface for the last time (off timing chain cover). A razor blade followed by a green Scotch-Brite pad and brake cleaner works well. After that, bolting on the cover plate can be installed and removed repeatedly with no sealer required.

Note: Not compatible with K24Z series engines.


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