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EBC USR Series Front Slotted Sport Rotor Kit - Honda/Acura

EBC USR Series Front Slotted Sport Rotor Kit - Honda/Acura


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USR Series Sport Slotted Rotors are created for the enthusiast who wants low noise from their brakes while doing a higher level of aggressive driving or towing. Two sets of shallow slots cover all areas of the rotor surfaces so both pads and rotors wear evenly all the way across – preventing the grooves and ridges from building up that cause frictional noise. They also effectively increase the level of heat, water, brake dust, and friction gas expulsion necessary to keep rotors cool and functional during street performance driving in any weather. Additionally, USR Series Sport Slotted Rotors feature a vented center for air to pass between both rotor sides, so metal expands evenly during use and the chance of warpage is minimized. USR Series Sport Slotted Rotors are designed for use with EBC Greenstuff, Yellowstuff, and Redstuff pads. All areas of the rotors have a black protective coating to prevent corrosion, and should be fully ready for use after the first 500 miles of moderate brake application.

Kit comes with 2 directional slotted rotors (1 left/1 right).

USR403 88-89 Civic STD/DX/Si, 88-89 CRX DX, 88-91 CRX Si

USR56090-91 Civic DX/Si, 90-91 CRX DX, 92-00 Civic CX/DX/VX/HX/LX/Si-non ABS, 93-97 Delsol S/Si, 

USR850 90-91 Civic EX, 93-95 Civic EX (w/ABS), 94-97 Delsol (ABS), 96-00 Civic EX (all), 99-00 Civic Si, 01-05 Civic (all), 02-03 Civic Si, 07-08 Fit, 09+ Fit, 90-01 Integra (excl.Type-R)

USR712604-05 Civic Si, 06-11 Civic DX/LX/EX, 02-06 RSX Base

USR1473 - 06-11 Civic Si, 02-06 RSX Type-S

USR2028 - 17-21 Civic Type-R (FK8)

USR946 - 97-01 Integra-R, 97-01 Prelude (all)

USR7087 - 04-08 TSX

USR7088 - 00-09 S2000 

USR561- 90-97 Accord (excl.V6 & Wagon), 95-97 Accord V6

USR624 91-97 Accord Wagon

USR62992-96 Prelude S/SE/Si

USR631 - 92-96 Prelude Si VTEC (H22)

USR Rotor Features

  • Created to be the lowest noise brake rotors designed for performance applications
  • Recommended by EBC for use with Greenstuff, Yellowstuff, or Redstuff pads
  • Angled slots on rotor surfaces allow superior expulsion of heat, water, brake dust, and friction gases
  • Two sets of slots on rotor surfaces provide even pad wear which creates flat, parallel rotor wear without ridges from developing
  • Vented centers feature an aperture for air to pass between both rotor sides for superior cooling
  • Rotors feature protective finish to provide corrosion protection for all non-contact areas
  • Brake rotors are unidirectional to the left and right side of your vehicle to maximize effectiveness
  • EBC recommends a 500 mile break in period with lighter braking application
  • 6-month/3,000 mile manufacturer warranty against premature rotor wear under normal driving conditions

See pull down for available vehicle applications.

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