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Hasport Mount Replacement Urethane Insert Set

Hasport Mount Replacement Urethane Insert Set


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Hasport urethane mount bushings are available in multiple stiffnesses to help control engine movement. Looking for more control? Or are you finding you’re driving your car more and more on the street and want less vibration. Some people just want a little more control and opt only to upgrade the rear urethane. Fine tune your driving experience with the right stiffness for your car’s mounts.

Street 62A is best for most street applications and many road race applications. While other mount companies don’t offer this softer urethane, Hasport’s 62A urethane is very durable and set up properly will have the least noise, vibration and harmonics.

Race 70A Urethane is about the maximum needed for hard core road racing applications. It also works well for the occasional drag racer a long as you aren’t launching on slicks in a sub-11 second car. If you are looking for just a little more control you can put the 70A in the rear mount only. 

Extreme Race 88A urethane is very stiff for almost total control of the engine movement. If you are launching on slicks at the drag strip these will help you transfer more power by limiting engine movement. These will cause significant noise and vibration in the car chassis.

Most Extreme Race 94A is our stiffest urethane bushing without going to solid aluminum bushings. These bushings are red to differentiate them from the 88 Urethane.

    The price listed is for 6 inserts.

    Note: Most Hasport mounts contain 2 inserts within a single mount. Example: a 3pc mount kit contains 6 inserts.


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