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Hondata FlashPro CARB - 2018+ US Accord 2.0 Turbo

Hondata FlashPro CARB - 2018+ US Accord 2.0 Turbo


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The FlashPro allows datalogging and tuning for your 2018 + 2.0 Turbo Accord. It includes Windows based software called FlashProManager. FlashPro CARB is a FlashPro which only allows uploads from calibrations which are determined to not alter the any emissions related parameters in the ECU thus not affecting emissions. California emissions compliant (CARB EO D-742-1), which allows this product to be used on street vehicles within the USA.

The FlashPro connects from your laptop's USB port to your vehicles diagnostic port to provide 90 second programming with a variety of calibrations with extensive real time and stored datalogging capabilities.

The FlashPro does not need the factory ECU to be modified to be compatible. FlashPro is locked to one vehicle. It can be unlocked and transferred to another vehicle by returning the ECU to stock. 

The FlashPro CARB cannot be converted to a FlashPro Race.

This FlashPro CARB allows tuning of all parameters except those associated with emissions.  For turbo vehicles, torque and boost settings can be tuned. For competition vehicles we recommend the  FP-ACRD-US FlashPro RACE as that FlashPro allows fuel and ignition tuning (CLICK HERE).


  • US/Canada based FlashPro for 2018+ Accord 2.0T / K20C
    Compatible with AT & MT models
  • Programmable ECU interface
  • Connects via OBDII diagnostic port
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • Works with Laptop or Desktop
  • No ECU modification necessary
  • 20 hours on board datalogging memory
  • Security Password
  • FlashProManager Windows software
    Apple/Mac users can run a virtual version of windows 7 or newer
  • Check and clear diagnostic codes
  • Custom laptop gauges
  • Dual calibration storage - upload from one of two calibrations stored in the FlashPro

Accord Tuning Features

  • Boost
  • VTEC window
  • Rev, launch and speed limiters
  • Map tracing  & lambda overlay

Vehicle Application: US/Canada 2018+ Accord 2.0T (K20C4)


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