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Hondata K-PRO with ECU

The Hondata K-Series Programmable ECU (K-PRO) consists of a hardware modification to any Honda K-Series ECU, plus Windows software which allows you to re-program the ECU and data-log sensors.

Product Notes:

  • Choice of brand new ECU w/K-PRO installation or *customer supplied core ECU for K-PRO installation.
  • A brand new ECU purchases do not require a core.
  • A brand new ECU K-PRO choice of 02-04 PRB ECU or *05-06 PRB ECU.
    *05-06 RSX PRB ECU cost includes adapter harness
  • Other applications available - please call 626.287.5000

* Note for customer supplied ECU:  Hondata will inspect the condition of your core ECU before the K-PRO installation takes place. If they find a problem with your core ECU and cannot perform the K-PRO installation (ie. water damage, burned pcb, etc) you will here back from us. Return shipping fees may applied in this case.

Acceptable Customer Supplied ECU's For K-PRO:

  • PRB - 02-04 RSX Type-S
  • PRB (A01-A12 & 305) - 05-06 RSX Type-S
  • PRC - 01-06 RSX Type-R (JDM)
  • PND - 02-04 RSX Base (5spd)
  • PND (A01-A09) - 05-06 RSX Base (5spd)
Civic (EP3) ECU:
  • PRD - 03-05 Civic Type-R (JDM / 6spd)
  • PNF - 02-05 Civic Si (5spd ECU)
Note: 5-speed ECU's do not have reverse lock out capabilities when used with a 6-speed K-series transmission. Miss-shifting into reverse while moving forward can/will result in certain catastrophic transmission destruction! JHPUSA and Hondata will NOT be responsible for transmission damages.

    Main Features:

    • KPRO components are contained within the ECU
    • USB connection for speed and compatibility
    • KManager Windows based software for parameter & table editing, calibration uploading and datalogging.
    • Many built-in calibrations for common engine combinations
    • Built in datalogging to a laptop
    • On board datalogging memory (2 MB memory, 10-110 minutes datalogging)
    • Adjustment for different sized injectors, with overall fuel trim.
    • Configurable for any MAP sensor (to 5 Bar and above)
    • TPS based table lookup for ITBs
    • Engine protection from over boost and lean protection.
    • Expanded fuel and ignition tables, both in rpm and load, to 60 lbs boost and 11,000 rpm (these are not the upper limits)
    • Launch control with anti-lag
    • Three multi purpose outputs for nitrous control or similar
    • Supports lambda tracing from the stock wideband o2
    • PWM output for boost control
    • Made in the USA

    KManager Software Tuning Features:

    • High and low speed 16 x 20 ignition and fuel tables for correct VTEC tuning
    • Injector size fuel trim
    • Fuel trim for starting, throttle tip in and individual cylinder trim
    • Rev limiter with fuel cut
    • Launch control with anti-lag
    • Adjustable VTEC window with load and throttle control
    • Adjustable idle speed
    • MAP sensor type and calibration
    • Adjustable boost cut with hot and cold settings
    • Closed loop control
    • Air temperature compensation
    • Fuel and ignition correction based on gear
    • Closed loop
    • Three general purpose outputs for nitrous control, quad boost control or similar
    • On board datalogging trigger conditions
    Honda may not cover mechanical damage to the engine under warranty resulting from exceeding the factory red line. Hondata & JHPUSA will not cover any damage as a result of installing this product.

    Hondata K-PRO with ECU

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