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Hondata S300 v3 - Honda / Acura

Hondata S300 v3 - Honda / Acura


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The Hondata S300 is a plug in module to the factory Honda Engine Computer (ECU) which vastly expands the capabilities of the factory ECU. Forced induction, data logging, real time updating of parameters, engine protection are but a few of the s300 features. The s300 uses different connecting pins in the ECU from the s100/s200, and also has a slot cut in the side for the USB connector, so the ECU must be modified for use with the s300.

The s300 uses a high speed USB connection for both programming calibrations and datalogging. No more USB/serial connectors!

S300 Model:

  • S300 v3 (regular) for the typical rectangular body type USDM OBD1 ECU
    (P06, PR4, P28, P30, P61, P72, P74, P75)
    Note; P06/PR4/P74/P75 will need a VTEC conversion in order for VTEC capabilities.

Existing Features

Real Time Update: The s300 can be updated in real-time with the engine running without affecting the operation of the vehicle. This means that calibrations and changes can be uploaded to the ECU very quickly (2 seconds for a new calibration, a fraction of a second for anything else), without interrupting the operation of the engine. Changes made in the SManager software are uploaded to the ECU instantly and you can see the effect immediately. The s300 does not use an EEPROM or equivalent, so you never need to open the ECU to change chips nor 'burn' ROMs. No EPROM programmer is necessary - you just need a laptop with USB port or Bluetooth capability.

Datalogging: The s300 has datalogging to the SManager software built in via the USB port. Using a laptop the various ECU sensors can be datalogged, viewed, graphed and saved for later analysis. Additionally the s300 has on board flash memory which allows a data-log recordings to be made without a laptop, for later access and download to a laptop.

Map Sensor Compatibility: Any linear MAP sensor can be used, using a scalar and offset to translate the MAP sensor characteristics into pressure. Popular MAP sensor settings are built in for ease of setup. To do this you will need the map sensor calibration numbers from the manufacturer of the sensor.

ECU Preparation: It is strongly recommended that you have this professionally installed as this is more difficult to install than an s200 and if the ecu has been previously socketed you run an even higher risk of damaging the ecu (lifting tracks and or burning them).

  • 8 analog inputs (for data-logging only)
  • 1 digital input (for data-logging only)
  • Additional security to help identify and prevent theft
  • Datalogging memory is no doubled in size for up to 2-hours of recording
  • Non-battery memory for greater reliability and longer life
  • On-board calibration storage

Version 3 Features Adds:

  • Bluetooth for laptop programming/datalogging & mobile datalogging
  • Click here for iOS (iPhone) app.
    Click here for Android app
  • 2-4 times faster datalogging than previous S300 versions
  • Ethanol content sensor support
  • CAN output
  • Serial output for dashboards like the AiM MXL and Racepak IQ3

For vehicles with manual transmission use only.

ECU not included.

Requires installation by an experienced individual.

This is a Race Only product that is to be used solely for competition. It cannot be used on vehicles that are operated on public streets, roads or highways. Its use is limited to closed-course and open-course racing that is formally sanctioned by a recognized racing organization. Any other use, including recreational off-road use, could be in violation of local, state and federal laws.


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