Hybrid Racing K-series Conversion Harness (02-04 Wiring) - Universal K-Swap

Hybrid Racing K-series Conversion Harness (02-04 Wiring) - Universal K-Swap

The Hybrid Racing Universal K-Series Swap Conversion Wiring Harness is designed for those people who have decided to install a K-series engine into a non-Honda/Acura chassis or a chassis where a standard plug and play conversion harness is not available. (such as Preludes, DA Integras, Accords, and older Honda chassis).

This harness has also been used in custom open wheel cars such as the Ariel Atom, RCR Superlite Roadster, Sandrails, and 3 wheeled Trikes. It has also been used on Mini Coopers, Toyota MR-2s, Lotus Elises as well as full blown tubed frame race cars.

If your engine of choice is the K-Series motor and plan to use the OEM K-Series ECU than this conversion harness can get you started. 

This race conversion harness includes a fuel pump relay, a main relay and a primary oxygen sensor relay. The harness comes wired with the provisions for the OEM K-series 02-04 Wideband 02 sensor and an OBD2 port. This harness has outputs including, tachometer, speedometer, low oil pressure warning, malfunction indicator, fan control, fuel pump control and for the starter relay. You will need to supply the harness with a constant 12v and switch 12v source.This harness interfaces with your factory dash harness, your OEM K-Series engine harness and your K-series ECU allowing for a simple plug and play K-swap.

What engine harness does the Hybrid Racing conversion harness work with?

  • This harness works with all USDM / JDM 02-04 wiring harnesses including, K20A, K20A2, K20A3.
  • This harness is wired to use the factory wideband O2 sensor so European customers using the UKDM K20A/K20A2 wiring harness will need to convert the harness to use the narrowband type sensor.
  • This harness does NOT work with any 05-06 OR K24 engine wiring harnesses.

What type of connectors and pins does it use?
When HR constructs a Hybrid Racing harness they utilize brand new connectors, terminals and wire sourced from the same company that Honda utilizes for their connectors. These connectors are ordered in bulk from Japan and ensure that you get all new parts. In addition, all new connectors decrease the chance for errors in the harness as they do not solder any of the joints. Every harness is machine made and human checked so they are issue free. 

What if I have questions or problems?
To ensure a trouble-free install all of the wires are labeled and neatly packaged. The most valuable thing you get when you purchase a Hybrid Racing harness is full tech support. This tech support extends beyond your harness and includes help with anything associate with your swap. If you have any problems at all with the swap just give us a call and a tech will get you the information you need. It’s like having a buddy down the street who has already done hundreds of K swaps!


  • Universal K-swap conversion harness!
  • Brand new connectors and pins sourced from the same company Honda uses
  • Free phone and email tech support via
  • Powering 1000's of K-swaps world wide!

K-swapped vehicle applications: Universal using 02-04 K-series wiring

Hybrid Racing K-series Conversion Harness (02-04 Wiring) - Universal K-Swap

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