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Hybrid Racing Short Shifter - 00-09 S2000

Hybrid Racing Short Shifter - 00-09 S2000

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The Honda S2000 is one of the most remarkable cars ever produced and is certainly a future classic. Hybrid Racing also knows how particular S2000 owners are and understand how critical it is to have a part that gets it right. 

Years ago, Hybrid Racing set out to design a short shifter for the Honda S2000 and were faced with the question… how can they make one of the best-feeling shifters better? The answer lies somewhere between a full-blown racing product and a shifter enthusiast drivers can enjoy.  

Everyone has an opinion on what makes a shifter great. It must be tight, direct, easy to move, and inspire confidence when banging through gears. Understanding what gear is engaged is critical, and Honda engineers know what they are doing. However, many S2000s have been driven and or raced… a lot. 

The factory shifter’s parts will loosen and degrade over time as a wear item. That degradation presents itself as a loose, wobbly shifter that isn’t as sharp or consistent as it once was.  

How To Make Great, Better? 

Hybrid Racing approached this project with an open mind and a blank sheet of paper. By understanding how the OEM shifter assembly functions, they tested different materials and shapes of the main shifter shaft. They then designed a completely new main cup section machined from durable PTFE. This incredibly durable material allows the shifter ball to slide freely while withstanding high temperatures. 

The lower section proved to be the most challenging part as it is connected directly to the transmission shift rods & forks. After many tests and trials, Hybrid Racing developed an innovative solution that combines different materials to dampen and reduce unwanted noise and vibrations. Their proprietary VDC lower cup improves the overall feel and prevents the shifter from transmitting extreme forms of NVH into the cabin. 

Hybrid Racing's 3D CNC machining processes ensure these parts are created to exact tolerances and are designed to work together. They include high-quality high-temperature grease, which plays a vital role in the overall smoothness of this product. 

Race Inspired – Street Styled 

Whether you are competing in a car show or a timed track event, this shifter excels. The high-quality anodized finish will keep this shifter looking good for a long time. The adjustability allows the driver to dial in the proper location. 

Like all Hybrid Racing shifters, you can rotate the shift knob 360* to work great with left and right-hand drive cars. You can raise the shift knob to 12mm taller than a stock knob to bring it closer to the steering wheel. A considerable benefit of their design is the ability to keep a short shift while moving and raising the knob. 

If you like to run a tall shift knob but wish to keep the throw the same, this is a great option. It is also compatible with Hybrid Racing's best-selling Competition Shift Rod, a favorite among performance drivers. 

With its superior construction, adjustability, and unmatched performance, Hybrid Racing's shifter has raised the standard.

  • Up to 25% Shorter throw
  • Adjustable knob position (360*)
  • PTFE Main Cups
  • Proprietary VDC lower cup
  • Stainless steel center shaft
  • High-quality anodized finish
  • Includes 110mm stainless steel shift rod


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