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JDI Ghost Lock - Honda / Acura

JDI Ghost Lock - Honda / Acura


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Welcome to the next level of security for your vehicle. The Ghost Lock can be set up to send you text alerts and/or emails when your vehicle is moved in any way including being towed. JDI has signed an exclusive contract with their friends at Trackmate GPS, LLC. They are a leader in vehicle tracking and can provide service over much of the globe (yes, even world wide customers can use a Ghost Lock). Not only does the Ghost Lock give you the ability to track and disable your vehicle, it doubles as a fuel pump relay upgrade harness to provide greater electrical flow and efficiency to your vehicle's fuel pump.

The Trackmate GPS iOS and Android app allows you to track your vehicle as well as remotely kill power to the fuel pump should the vehicle be stolen.

The remote fuel pump kill is intended to be remotely activated once the vehicle is stopped if the vehicle is no longer in the owner’s possession. The remote kill feature is not intended to be used as a kill switch while the vehicle is in storage as the tracker and relays will stay on and drain power from the vehicle’s battery. While the Ghost Lock does not require much power, over a longer period of time it could drain the battery.

The Trackmate GPS tracker can be installed on a stored vehicle for many weeks (while not in the disabled position) without an excessive drain on the vehicle’s battery. Ghost Lock can be setup to send you alerts when the vehicle’s battery has been drained below your desired preset voltage. Your car can let you know when you need to start and or recharge the vehicle's battery. JDI has left the Ghost Lock on an average vehicle battery for 8 weeks and were still able to start the vehicle after this time.

The Ghost Lock improves your regulated fuel pump voltage to alternator voltage, increasing your fuel flow by nearly 15% without any additional modifications. This is good for anything from a stock daily driver all the way up to a fully built race car.

Ghost Lock is equipped with 10 AWG wire rated for up to 30 amps of current draw. JDI chose to use standard Bosch style 5 pin relays that are more readily available to make the harness more easily serviceable. You can safely and effectively prepare your car for the high horsepower and reliability you desire.

Ghost Lock can be used with custom applications such as aftermarket fuel pumps or fuel cells. This Universal sub-harness comes with 2 connectors with flying leads. One connector is wired to feed power and ground to the pump. The second connector is wired to the chassis wiring that previously powered the pump or can be wired to a switch, however you are currently triggering your fuel pump. This second connector is the one that triggers the Ghost Lock relays when you start the vehicle.

You should NEVER attempt to recover your vehicle yourself!  Always contact the authorities for vehicle recovery.

You Should NEVER disable the vehicle remotely while the vehicle is moving under any circumstances for the safety of the driver, thief, passengers in the vehicle, other vehicles on the road, bystanders or any other people or beings that could be potentially affected by this action.


  • Ghost Lock is a Patent Pending vehicle tracking system that allows you to always know where your vehicle is and receive text alerts if the vehicle is moved from your preset geofences. Ghost Lock even allows you to remotely disable the vehicle from anywhere, if stolen.
  • Ghost Lock's 4G LTE tracking is provided by Trackmate GPS, LLC,  a leading vehicle tracking service.
  • Monthly service starts as low as $9.99 per month and Trackmate GPS provides tracking over most of the globe.
  • Allows for location of the vehicle via phone app, tablet, or computer at any time.
  • You can set Geofences at home, work, or other locations that you are at frequently and will be alerted when the vehicle exits and/or enters these locations.
  • When traveling you can set a temporary geo fence by setting a Security Fence for a set number of hours. For example: you can set a fence at a restaurant, store, or hotel from your mobile device or computer.
  • Can set text/email alerts for geofence settings, security settings, voltage drop of the vehicle’s battery, speed alerts if the vehicle passes a certain speed, ignition on/off alerts, and Geo fence settings to certain parts of a city or state.
  • Should a thief cut power to the vehicle, the Trackmate tracker has a 6 hour internal battery to allow for continued tracking.
  • The Ghost Lock provides greater electrical flow to the fuel pump for up to 15% better flow, even on a stock daily driven vehicle.
  • If it is a vehicle with an electric fuel pump, the Ghost Lock is right for you!

Professional installation is recommended.


We realize that returns and exchanges are a part of the purchasing process and we do our best to make it as easy as possible. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order to JHPUSA within 14 DAYS from the invoice date.

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