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K-Tuned B / D Shifter Circuit X

K-Tuned B / D Shifter Circuit X


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K-Tuned released their original B/D shifter back in 2012. Since then they have released three different versions. They have also made some small changes to update the design over the years. Now, in 2019 K-Tuned has overhauled the three designs.

Starting at the bottom they have replaced the white plastic cage that holds the ball with a Delrin bushing. Delrin is used as it is one of the strongest plastics available, it is resistant to chemicals which is great for automotive applications. Delrin also has high abrasive resistance and low coefficient of friction which basically means it will shift smoothly when you first get it and for a long time. This will give you a tighter feel than the original accordion style plastic housing used on OEM shifters. The Delrin bushing is covered with a TPV bushing to keep it clean and anything from inside the bearing. K-Tuned has replaced the stamped steel base plate with a 0.35" aluminum plate which will be sturdier and not rust over time. This aluminum plate will also add to the rigidity and feel of the shifter. Since this is what holds the bearing assembly they have found the stock plate to have play, be rotted, or not even there if using new aftermarket linkage. K-Tuned has also added one more threaded hole to increase the rigidity further and triangulate the assembly. Now, this all wrapped around the redesigned lower shaft. K-Tuned has maintained the adjustable throw from their original shifter but made it adjustable from inside the car. The 6061 aluminum black anodized lower adjustment shaft is machined with notched section to make it easy to spin up or down to adjust the throw. They have machined a sight hole to make adjustment clear and easily measured using the numbered steel internal shaft.

The rest of the shifter will look familiar to K-Tuned's older designs they are sure you are familiar with. K-Tuned has anodized the elbows black and then machined logo and some edges for a clean and uniform look. All shifters are independently height and throw adjustable.

This Circuit X version carries over the extended height elbow from K-Tuned's  B/D pro circuit shifter model.

B/D-series Vehicle applications: 88-91 Civic/CRX, 92-00 Civic, 94-01 Integra


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