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Speedfactory Shift Change Holder - B-series

Speedfactory Shift Change Holder - B-series

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SpeedFactory's modified Shift Change Holder Assembly (SCHA) for B-series hydraulic transmissions.

SF has seen a number of people experiencing problems with missed shifts and/or damaging expensive dogs and syncro teeth, and having difficulty finding the cause of these issues. With data gathered from Bullhead Gears, SF was able to identify the cause of these issues, find a solution, and implement it in the best way possible while keeping costs reasonable. Basically, this product was designed to address the serious need for a stronger, improved SCHA in these transmissions.

The stock SCHA has been identified as the source of these "mystery" issues in most cases. The 7-problem areas of the stock SCHA have been identified and SF has modified/replaced these parts accordingly, and tested in their own 1100whp Outlaw Civic with great success, as it has eliminated all issues that they had previously experienced.

The SCHA is located inside the transmission housing, and is the internal mechanism that actually moves the shift forks into position, engaging each gear as it is selected. SpeedFactory has made improvements and fixed the parts that break within this piece so that you can make better and more consistent shifts, lower your ET's, and save your transmission! The SF-modified SCHA is a vital component of a reliable trans!

New unit with optional OEM or heavy duty spring.


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