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Spoon 4-Pot Monoblock Calipers

Spoon 4-Pot Monoblock Calipers

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Spoon calipers are manufactured by Nissin, the OE supplier of all Honda brakes. The Spoon twin-block caliper was developed over a year specifically for the EK9 Civic Type R and DC2 Integra Type R. For the S2000, Spoon designed the mono-block caliper, whose one piece construction improved rigidity.

The Spoon 4-pot caliper has been specifically designed and tested for Honda applications. Unlike other 4-pot calipers, Spoon calipers are direct fit and are designed to work with the stock brake system, including the ABS.

Spoon calipers use stock Honda size brake pads, which gives users incredible flexibility in choosing pads. The 4-pot calipers significantly improve both high speed braking and brake pedal feel and its consistency during track use thanks to their rigid 1-block design. The 4-pot pistons makes pad wear more even and minimizes rotor warpage thanks to the offset piston sizes. The aluminum construction also helps reduce unsprung weight significantly. These benefits are achieved while maintaining a stock feel for daily driving.


  • 4-Piston Design
  • Includes mounting brackets & hardware
  • Uses OEM size brake pads (Honda S2000 pads)
  • Significantly improves high speed braking
  • Increased pedal feel
  • Minimizes rotor warpage
  • Aluminum construction reduces unsprung weight
  • Dual bleeders (M10x1.00mm)

Recommended for newer generation Honda's:

  • 98-01 JDM Integra Type-R (DC2)
    See note below
  • 02-06 RSX Type-S (DC5)
  • 02-05 JDM Civic Type-R (EP3 -5 lug)
  • 06-11 Civic Si (FA5/FG2/FD2)
  • 04-08 TSX (CL7)
  • 00-09 S2000 (AP1/2)

Wheel spacers may be required for monoblock caliper clearancing for certain oem and aftermarket wheels because of spoke design and offset.

Monoblock calipers (MBF type) can also fit previous generation Type-R 36mm 5-lug converted Civic/Integra vehicles with some slight modifications. Vehicle must be JDM 36mm 5 lug Type-R converted and will require a pair of 11.8" (300mm) rotors from a 99-04 Acura RL (300x28mm 70.2mm center bore). Caliper shimming may be required.

Please select your vehicle in the drop down menu as there are 2 monoblock application types that directly affects caliper piston orientation:

(a) front rotor mounted (MBF)
(b) rear rotor mounted (MBR)

Spoon Monoblock caliper tech sheet:  


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