Supertech Dual Valve Spring Set - K-series

Supertech Dual Valve Spring Set - K-series

Supertech performance valve springs are made with premium Superclean Chrome Silicon Vanadium Steel Alloy for higher performance and durability. Computer designed to ensure that wire stress levels do not overpass the limits for long durability under extreme conditions and harmonics are well under control.

Engine Applications: K-series* K20A/A2/A3/Z1/Z3+K24A2/A3 / Dual springs - 32pc set

Optional spring seat pressure: 80lbs, 85lbs, 95lbs, 97lbs,100lbs


If your K-series engine comes equipped with single valve springs, which a majority of US K20/24 engines do, you will need some additional Supertech or OEM valvetrain components in order to complete a dual valve spring upgrade. Some K-series engines are equipped with dual v.springs from the factory such as the 02-early Acura RSX Type-S, JDM K20A Type-R (DC5/EP3/CL7/FD2)  engines - these do not need additional components. In rare cases, some K's come with dual v.springs on the intake side only and single on the exhaust side, and K24A2 and 05+ K20 engines come with single v.springs on both sides of the head.

A simple visual inspection of your own K-series valve springs (by you or your mechanic) will help indicate what you have and what you will need.

Honda changed the design of the factory retainers & keepers on the 05+ K-series engines (05-06 RSX K20Z1 / 06-11 Civic Si K20Z3). When upgrading to dual v.springs on these specific motors, you must change the retainers to pre-05 OEM retainers AND KEEPERS (or you can run Supertech Ti Retainers) but you will need pre-05 OEM keepers. You cannot mix 05+ retainers + keepers with pre-05 retainers & keepers. You cannot reuse 05+ retainers & keepers with a dual valve springs upgrade either.

With that said, here are the following additional components required to complete a dual valve spring upgrade on K-series engines that come stock with a complete or partial single valve spring configuration from the factory. Again, if your K-series engine comes with complete dual v.springs from the factory (both sides of head), disregard the information below.

  • Dual valve spring bases (Supertech or OEM Honda)
  • Valve guide seals (Supertech or OEM Honda)
    - installing dual v.spring bases' require valve guide seals to be removed and replaced
  • Dual valve spring retainers x 16pcs (*Supertech or OEM Honda)
    - the keepers from 02-early'03 Acura Type-S and any JDM K20A Type-R engines (w/dual springs) can and should be reused!
    - Late 2003+ Acura RSX Type-S and 06-11 Civc Si engines must use 02-early '03 K-series dual v.spring retainers & keepers upon switching to dual v.springs.
    * Supertech Titanium retainer design is based off the 02-early '03 RSX Type-S K20A2 retainers / JDM 01-05 RSX Type-S/EP3 Civic Type-R K20A engines.
If your K-series has dual v.springs on the intake side and single springs on the exhaust side, then you only need the mentioned components for the exhaust side.

Supertech Dual Valve Spring Set - K-series

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