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Supertech Valve Spring & Retainer Kit - B-series

Supertech Valve Spring & Retainer Kit - B-series


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Supertech now offers a performance dual & single valve spring and retainer kits for popular Honda / Acura engine applications.

Most offered kits (unless otherwise specified) include 32 total valve springs and 16 titanium or aluminum retainers and may include spring seats (depending on engine application). 

Supertech 16/32pc Single/Dual Valve Springs:
Supertech performance valve springs are made with premium Superclean Chrome Silicon Vanadium Steel Alloy for higher performance and durability. Computer designed to ensure that wire stress levels do not overpass the limits for long durability under extreme conditions and harmonics are well under control.

Supertech 16pc Titanium Retainers
Supertech titanium retainers prevent valve float and strength up your valvetrain. Retainers are CNC machined from 6AL4V grade titanium.

Valve spring & retainer kit specs - reference part number below and select your choice via pull down menu.  

Note: B18A/B kits include 8 spring seats per kit.

B16Ax / B18Cx (92-97 Delsol Si VTEC / 92-01 GSR/Type-R Integra)

  • SPRK-H1002D (All Motor) - Dual Valve Spring 70lbs@33.5mm SPR-H1002D+RET-K20A2/T2 (Titanium retainer)
  • SPRK-H100DR (Turbo) - Dual Valve Spring 85lbs@33.5mm SPR-H100DR+RET-K20A2/T2 (Ti retainer)
  • SPRK-H200DR (DRAG ONLY) - Dual Valve Spring 100lbs@33.5mm SPR-H200DR+RET-K20A2/T2 (Ti retainer)

B18A/B (90-00 Integra Non-VTEC)

  • SPRK-TS1015/LS - Dual Valve Spring 77@ 34.5mm SPR-TS1015/LS+RET-TS66/T1+(8)SEAT-TS15/LS-IN+(8)SEAT-TS/LS-EX
  • SPRK-2081/LS - Single Valve spring 54 @ 34.5mm SPR-2081+RET-TS66/T1+8)SEAT-TS15/LS-IN+(8)SEAT-TS15/LS-EX


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