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Toda B-Series Cam Gears

Toda B-Series Cam Gears

SKU: 14211-B16-001

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TODA Racing campulleys allow precise tuning of camshaft timing. Adjustable campulleys are essential when using TODA camshafts or any non-stock performance camshaft. TODA campulleys are made completely from 7075 which is a more expensive and higher grade of aluminum commonly found on fighter aircraft landing gear or other high stress areas.

The use of 7075 aluminum allows TODA Racing to offer the strongest and lightest campulley on the market. In addition, our advanced "VERNIER" timing degree system makes TODA campulleys 50% more accurate than our competitors. VERNIER timing degree system measures crankshaft degrees, not camshaft degress. For long term durability the timing marks are machined into the metal, not painted on, or silk screened, therefore they will not rub off with age.

Engine applications: all B-series VTEC - B16A/B16B/B17A/B18C, LS/VTEC, B20/VTEC


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