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Toda Racing Hyper One (H1) Camshafts - K20A

Toda Racing Hyper One (H1) Camshafts - K20A

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Although Toda Racing has race specification camshafts, a very small number of customers require very specific engine characteristics. One type of specialized camshaft was developed for Time Attack where the engine performance "below 4000 rpm is not required".

With the customers' requirements the Hyper-One camshaft Pre and Sec cam lobes where redesigned to be more closer to a Mid cam lobe in design to maximize the midrange performance starting from 4000 rpm. By more closely coordinating with the Mid cam lobe, not seen before gains in the torque band and power curve of the mid-range to upper limits were found, via the use of Racing VTEC.

By narrowing down to Time Attack development, where idol and lower revolution requirements are not essential but from 4000 to 6000 rpm where drive out of a hairpin or chicane is important the Hyper-One camshaft Pre and Sec cam lobes were developed with a combination of duration angle and central angle to make the best performance possible in this situation. Of course maximum horsepower is influential for producing top speed, but by also improving the torque for corner exit these camshafts will contribute greatly to improved lap times of a N/A car.

NOTE: One prerequisite for using Hyper One camshafts is that they have to be used in conjunction with Sports Injection KIT (individual throttle bodies). Operation of ECU recommends by throttle speed control. This is due to the very unstable nature of the airflow while idling, that the single throttle body will find it difficult to control.

It is recommended the switching on of the VTEC should be at 5850 rpm, and the switched off at 5600 rpm for the best performance results from the Hyper One camshafts.

K20A Hyper One specs:

  • INT  267(11.5)/297(13.0)/267(11.5)
  • EX 267(11.5)/ 292(12.0) / 267(11.5) 


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