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Toda Timing Chain Tensioner - K-series (K20A/Z,K24A)

Toda Timing Chain Tensioner - K-series (K20A/Z,K24A)

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The K20A engine uses a camshaft timing chain tensioner that is operated via oil pressure with an internal ratchet system which keeps the correct chain tension, and correct valve timing. This system is accurate for stock engines, but when the valvetrain is subjected to high load situations, as a result of employing high lift camshafts, high rpms, or rapid down shifting, the standard timing tensioner can move.

If this movement occurs, engine damage may result due to valve-to-piston contact. Due to the K20A engine's VTC (Variable Valve Timing) feature, it is very important to control valve timing - VTC has a total cam movement of 50 degrees, therefore any valve timing inaccuracies could possibly cause valve-to-piston contact. TODA Racing has developed a timing chain tensioner that allows movement only to what is required.

This prevents the possibility of damage, and keeps accurate cam timing. This product was originally developed for the TODA N+ endurance racing engines.


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