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Torco Racing Cylinder Lube Fuel Additive (500ML)

Torco Racing Cylinder Lube Fuel Additive (500ML)

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Torco RCL Racing Cylinder Lube is engineered with proprietary additives that apply a low friction lubricant film onto upper cylinders that normally run dry. After combustion of fuel in the combustion chamber, a lubricating film of Torco RCL remains to coat and protect the rings, pistons and cylinder walls. This allows free movement of pistons, increasing horsepower and fuel economy while reducing wear and lowering friction and heat. The proprietary additives in Torco RCL keep combustion chambers and fuel injectors clean.

Features & Benefits 

  • Completely oil soluble
  • Fuel savings
  • Ultimate protection for pistons, rings and cylinders
  • Lubrication and cleaning of injectors
  • Elimination of valve deposits
  • Maximum horsepower, especially at high RPM
  • Freer revving engine
  • Lower operating temperatures
  • Prevention of pre-detonation
  • 500ml bottle
Suitable for turbocharged, naturally aspirated gasoline and diesel engines for racing and street application.


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