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Wilwood BP Series SmartPad Rear Brake Pads

Wilwood BP Series SmartPad Rear Brake Pads

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Wilwood BP-10/20/30 series replacement pads offer a range of braking characteristics ranging from dual purpose street/race use to full race for your Wilwood Dynalite brake kit.

BP-10 Pad Characteristics

  • Medium friction compound with the low noise and low dust of a street performance compound and the increased friction characteristics of a semi-metallic race compound.
  • Smooth engagement with consistent response from a flat torque curve throughout its entire effective temperature range.
  • Good low to middle temperature wear rates, increases as temperature increases.
  • Beds quickly and provides fast response without excessive abrasion on vented iron rotors.
  • Flat torque curve
  • Street use OK

BP-20 Pad Characteristics

  • Provides increased friction levels with extended temperature range over BP-10.
  • Has a progressive response rate as pedal pressure and temperature increase to provide confident, repeated stops and outstanding modulation characteristics.
  • Unique metallic composite formulation provides an aggressive feel without the harsh noise, high rotor abrasion and extreme dust levels associated with high metallic based compounds.
  • Medium friction, highest effective temperature range in medium temp. pad group.
  • Smooth engagement, torque curve increases in relation to the temperature.
  • Moderate wear rate at high temperature

BP-30 Pad Characteristics

  • Newest racing pad from Wilwood
  • Medium-high friction compound with good cold response.
  • High friction, smooth initial response, predictable engagement with excellent control over a wide range of applications.
  • Long wearing pad in the middle temperature ranges with moderate wear in sustained high heat conditions.
  • Easily bedded without abrasion on new iron or steel rotors.
  • Steady rise in friction as temperature increases.
  • Low wear rate
Pads specially designed for Wilwood Dynalite rear brake caliper.


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